The LifeBell Solution

Discover our results-driven approach, product principles, and technology

Focused on Results

Mortality Rate

Improved patient health outcomes may be
obtained through early intervention, empowered clinical support,
and systematic risk management.

Length of Stay

If providers can proactively intervene or treat
sepsis before it cascades,this may reduce the amount of time
a patient requires before being cleared for discharge.

Re-Admissions Rate

Our software is with you throughout the patient life-cycle,
enhancing risk visibility and care coordination from entry to exit.

Our goal is to create measurable, high-impact improvements in each of these areas.

by Principles

LifeBell is designed from the ground up to help you stay ahead of sepsis. See how.


We take security seriously. From encryption to HIPAA compliance, we make sure your data and connections are monitored, guarded, and safe.


Our quantitative approach is backed up by data, calculations, and logic. We bake scientific reasoning into every level of the LifeBell product, from intake to output.


Our algorithms provide optimized risk-level predictions for each monitored patient, so that your staff can focus their attention on higher-value interventions and treatments.


We built the entire LifeBell system from scratch, using the latest software engineering and development principles and practices.


LifeBell is designed specifically for clinicians and care-givers – it’s easy to use, and pairs a minimal design with powerful features. It also scales, across people and software.


Empower your team to stay ahead of sepsis with real-time alerting, reporting, and action items. LifeBell is configurable to work with your specific operating procedures, so you’ll see usage from the start.

Powered by Technology

Our prediction engine is built using advanced algorithms, with training and validation on a large data-set.

Our user interface is modern and easy to use, with information displayed in a way that is simple to interpret and act on.

The application itself can be scaled and configured to meet your needs, with both on-premise and cloud based deployment options.