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Staying ahead of Sepsis

LifeBell AI founder & CEO, Erez Goren talks about the orgin, vision, and mission around staying ahead of Sepsis.  

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LifeBell AI facts

LifeBell was started during the pandemic, and has operated remotely ever since. This includes growing and leading a team of 20+ members across both coasts, supporting our clients, and building products – all done virtually!

The LifeBell team speaks over 15 different languages, and hails from several different countries.

LifeBell is privately funded, with headquarters in Atlanta GA. The company was founded by Erez Goren, a successful software entrepreneur, and Dr. Gari Clifford, an expert in the application of machine learning to healthcare, after several years of planning and conversations.

Outside of traditional healthcare systems, LifeBell also partners with leading academic organizations such as Emory’s Department of Biomedical Informatics, and nonprofits such as Sepsis Alliance and End Sepsis.

The LifeBell name took thousands of attempts to finalize, and draws inspiration from words such as LifeGuard and LifeVest – both of which are intended to help save lives, just like our product.

LifeBell is focused on reducing the mortality and morbidity of sepsis, through intelligent software that empowers clinicians. Sepsis is technically a life-threatening vital organ dysfunction, due to an infection. It affects over 48 million people each year globally, is the number one cause of deaths in hospitals, the number one cost of hospitalization in the US, the number one cause of readmission in hospitals, and the number one killer of our children. We have a lot of work to do.