Let's work together

Innovation comes with high complexity. Many of the problems we’re solving haven’t been tackled before, and will require a creative approach to succeed. We work as a team to take on these challenges. If that excites you, you’ll fit right in.

What we do at LifeBell AI

We analyze lots of data, but when it comes to measuring success, there’s just one core metric – how many patient lives we save, each year. It’s that simple. When you optimize an algorithm, improve a user workflow, push code, or assist a client with a custom implementation, it’s in service of that goal.


Career Opportunities

Don’t see an immediate fit? You can still email careers@lifebellai.com with a resume and cover letter.
We’ll keep your info on file, and notify you if a match appears later.

Data Scientist

Design and develop machine learning and analytic based systems. Run training, testing, and validation to solve novel problems. Implement and modify appropriate ML algorithms.

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Research Scientist (Signal Processing)

Develop and implement signal processing and other software algorithms in LifeBell’s products. Process raw data from LifeBell and other sensors…

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Project Manager

As a Project Manager at LifeBell AI, you’ll influence the look, shape, and feel of our growing customer success organization. You will be responsible for the lifecycle of hospital clients, from onboarding through strategic management to retention.

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Benefits & Perks

We strive to offer a great quality of life for all of our employees

Competitive Salary

We pay at or above-market rates, based on comparable information for each role.

Catered Lunch

During the pandemic, we’ve made time to eat together remotely at least once or twice a week. Plus, we still reimburse your food cost.

Healthcare Benefits

We offer Medical, Dental, Vision and a variety of other healthcare options to our employees. We’ve got you covered.

Gym Membership & Snacks

Health is important to us. It can also be fun, join for pickup basketball sometime! And yes, we have snacks.

Vacation, Sick Days, and Maternity Leave

Sometimes, people need a break. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to take off the time you need.

Incentives Program

Because as the company becomes more valuable, you deserve to share in its success too.

Easy Transit Access, and Reserved Parking

We love Atlanta, but sometimes the traffic is frustrating. Our central location and parking make it a bit better.

401K Plans

We help you prepare for your future. We offer generous matching, and a variety of low-fee investment options.

Grow with Us

We are founded and led by entrepreneurs who have built several successful technology companies in Atlanta over the last 30 years, including:

100,000 point of sales software deployments globally.

Went public as NASDAQ: RADS in 1997.

Acquired by NCR for $1.2B in 2012.

Blue Cube Software

25,000+ workforce scheduling software deployments globally.

Acquired by RedPrairie in 2006.

Games played by over 70 million users across PC, mobile, and console.

Top titles include SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale.

Provides AI-powered insights to clients like Nielsen, Unilever, Coty, Cvent, EMC Insurance, and SnapAV.

Our Core Values

Save Lives

Saving lives is our mission, and north star. We are dedicated to improving patient care outcomes through the highest quality technology & analytics possible. Our products and organization are designed around this objective.


Our goal is to create industry defining moments, by applying creative science and technological solutions to challenging problems. We are inspired by others who push the bounds of what was previously thought to be possible.

Be Human

We treat our clients, each other, and all other stakeholders with respect & understanding. That means having integrity, being empathetic, and welcoming a range of opinions.

Aim for Excellence

We push ourselves, and each other, to improve every day. We don’t believe in perfection, but we’ll strive for it nonetheless.

Less is Better

Focus matters, and simplicity is key. We do a few things well, and concentrate on what counts – our people, products, and clients.

Let's Go!

Actions speak louder than words, and execution is essential. We deliver on our promises, and are not afraid to tackle challenging goals or timelines.

Management’s Commitment
to All Employees:

1. To build a good working relationship together 

2. To give feedback, and to listen

3. To provide opportunities for learning and growth

4. To challenge you to do better, and be better

5. To uphold our values, and make this a fulfilling job 


Our Location – Atlanta, GA

We’re based at Atlantic Station, in Atlanta GA.

Excellent transit access and nearby amenities make this a great work location.

With 5,000 SF of Class A+ office space, there’s plenty of room too.

Interested in an opportunity?