Stay ahead
of sepsis

LifeBell is an early warning system, made modern.
We use machine-learning algorithms to enable rapid
prediction and treatment of patients at risk for sepsis.

LifeBell is an early warning system, made modern.We use machine-learning algorithms to enable rapidprediction and treatment of patients at risk for sepsis. 


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How LifeBell Works

Processing & Analysis

We handle data cleaning, validation, model reconfiguration, and any other set-up needs. We support both on-premise and cloud-based implementations.


Our machine-learning algorithms generate a sepsis risk score that can be used to triage patients. Easily visualize and explore the relevant data and trends for each patient’s case.


Receive real-time alerts and reporting on high-risk patients, empowering your staff to improve patient care & outcomes.


Quickly surface and prioritize high-risk patients. Filter, sort, and search to easily create a unified view that works for you. Designed for simplicity – the information you want is just a click or two away. No more scrambling through cumbersome menus and disparate sources.

Advanced risk

Gain insight into each patient’s risk level for sepsis, based on our clinical prediction algorithms. A combination of vital signs, laboratory results, and electronic medical records are continually monitored to generate a real-time, windowed risk profile.

Watchlisting, one-click patient details, and progressive actioning empower clinical staff to intervene more quickly and effectively when needed.

Easy patient

Rapidly spot trends with the graphical viewer, and visually assess key data-points. Vital metrics are also displayed and color-coded for quick reference.

Reduce cognitive strain with our visual format, instead of sifting through dense number-tables. Pan-over, duration-filtering, and view toggling enable nuanced control when you want to dive even deeper.

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